Why Hire a Fireplace Design Consultant?

A fireplace design consultant can work as a fireplace construction leader that supports the architectural design of the firebox provided by the architect and provides construction direction and specifications to all the trades included in creating custom masonry fireplaces in high-end homes, restaurants, hotels or business lobbies.

For instance, an architect can dream up the wildest fireplace design they and their client’s can dream, then a fireplace consultant will design the fireplace behind the wall with all the components, geometries, sizes and listed components that it takes to make the fireplace function without spilling smoke back into the room. This is a fireplace consultant’s specialty only limited by local building jurisdictions and construction budget.

The fireplace design consultant will also work with the mechanical engineer to make sure there is enough make-up air in the room for the fireplace to draw from (similar to a large kitchen hood) since air is necessary for the fireplace to draw. The consultant will work with the architect’s structural engineer to make sure there is proper support for the heavy fireplace and support for the inner fireplace components. The consultant will work with the electrical engineers and plumbing contractors with general layouts for them to create their supporting schematics for their equipment if the fireplace has electrical and plumbing products such as a motorized damper, draft inducement, signals to home computer systems, gas starters or electric ignition gas log sets. Some fireplaces have electric relay panels and some even have IP addresses!

A fireplace design consultant can work with the entire M.E.P. (mechanical, electrical and plumbing) team and provide leadership for the architect and contractor for proper design, construction, function and use of the custom masonry fireplace. The fireplace design consultant can provide alternate specifications depending on obstacles such as lightweight design for upper-story fireplaces, slim construction for limited space fireplaces, code-compliant construction for alternative installations, circuitous flue routings through floors and around architectural features, support for the architect with historical or very modern design or providing specifications on hard-to-find natural materials.

So if an architect or client can dream up a fireplace design, then there is a way to create the custom fireplace. Whether the fireplace is sleek and modern or if it’s 30’ wide, a fireplace design consultant will provide the leadership and guidance to construct it. This is why you hire a fireplace design consultant.

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Why Hire a Fireplace Design Consultant?

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